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Your Premier Partner and Top Builder for Family Offices & Syndications

At Landmark Structural Builders, we understand that family offices and syndications want more than simply a construction partner; they want a trusted ally to help them bring their real estate and development projects to life. We are the ideal choice for family offices investing in real estate because of our vast experience building for family offices and our reputation for the highest standards. Our dedication to excellence, productivity, and customized solutions has established us as the nation's top builder of family offices and syndications.

Family offices are capitalizing on real estate's limitless potential as a premier asset class. Understandably, family offices are driven to real estate because of its tax advantages, capacity to shield funds from macroeconomic volatility, and potential for long-term asset appreciation and preservation. Our expertise has been fine-tuned to satisfy the special demands and expectations of family offices.

Are you ready to work with the top builder for family offices and syndications? Contact Landmark Structural Builders to learn how we can assist you in achieving your real estate investment goals. We are your trusted construction partner for multifamily, industrial, and other real estate investments.

Why Choose Landmark Structural Builders?


Our experienced staff includes experts with extensive knowledge of family offices, ranging from investment advisers who have migrated into private investment enterprises to families with a long history of private investments. We understand that no two family offices are alike, therefore we tailor solutions to your specific needs, allowing you to maximize the value of your dry powder.


Confidentiality isn’t just a policy; it's embedded in our culture. Every member of our team adheres to the strictest confidentiality standards. From project managers to expert craftsmen, we recognize the need of keeping your endeavors totally confidential.


Our vast network in the construction and real estate industries provides you with access to the best resources, relationships, and opportunities. We open doors to exclusive networks that support your family office’s growth.


Time is a priceless resource in the world of real estate. Our emphasis on completing projects on schedule guarantees that you stay ahead. We recognize that time is of the essence, particularly in real estate. We ensure that your initiatives move quickly, allowing your family office or syndication investments to work efficiently even in time-critical situations.

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